10 Killer Hacks to Become Better at Lying

Master the art of deception and uncover the truth

Mentalcodex | Julfi
3 min readJan 7, 2024

There are 2 benefits of learning how to become a better liar…

First, Lying is not the exception, it’s the rule. And the people who claim to fight against it are often the best liars among us.

Let’s face it. Absolute and unapologetic honesty is reserved for a select few. For the rest, mastering the art of foolproof deception is key.

Then, The best liars are also the most liar’s proof.

When you understand the characteristics of a masterful lie — its dos and don’ts — you become more adept at recognizing deception, even when it is well-executed.

By learning how to lie, you also learn how to uncover them.

Ok. Enough talking. Let’s start.

1. Choose Your Lies Wisely

The more you lie, the greater the chance people uncover them. And all this will end up earning you an untrustful reputation.

Lies are tools. Don’t use them as a means of avoiding situations that trigger insecurities like most do. Use them to protect.

2. Don’t Give Details



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