12 Harsh Truths About Human Nature

Uncomfortable realities about life and people

Mentalcodex | Julfi


1. Never argue in public

Agree to keep your problems private.

People love relationship drama and will only make things worse, twisting the truth and judging without knowing the whole story.

Don’t let them interfere in your personal affairs. Keep it private and stay in control.

2. Assume that people will never change

Their pace of learning is too small.

The patterns that lead them to deceitful situations will haunt them for the rest of their lives, trapping them in a hopeless existence far from the life they dream of living.

3. Stay away from the unlucky ones

If you know they are, it’s because they’ve told you.

If they told it to you, it’s because they believe it.

If they believe it, it means they tend to blame fate for their problems.

Remember: Bad luck may not be contagious, but complaining is.

4. They’ll never tell you, but they are looking to be managed

That’s why we’re so good at organizing ourselves in society. A minority take decisions, a majority follows what they’re told.

Raising your voice won’t make you a tyrant, but a liberator to most.

5. Saviors don’t want you to get better

Instead, they derive satisfaction from your dependence.

They’ll keep you in a state of misery and even provoke crises just so they can eagerly help you through them.

They will never offer a real long-term solution, only temporary fixes.

6. Conflicts are never avoided, only delayed

Never wait for the need to be cruel.

Take action.

Be it, all at once.

Short, intense pain is always better than long-lasting, moderate pain.

7. You’re bullied…



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