Everything Is about Power and Domination

Those who say otherwise are either enslaved by a perception that weakens them or they’re manipulating you

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Artist : François-Xavier Fabre

An introduction to Nietzsche’s philosophy: How to recognize the nihilists and claim your will to power.

Friedrich Nietzsche is often quoted, but rarely read. Yet, his books contain some of the most compelling ideas in the entire history of philosophy. But what really sets Nietzsche apart from other philosophers is his surprisingly relevant insights that apply to today’s world.

I’ve read most of his books. Several times. What I’ve found forms the foundation of my today’s thinking, and most of the content I write online.

Here, I’ll simplify and put into a modern context some of his most powerful ideas.

Let’s begin.

There is still much that is unknown about human nature, but one thing remains true regardless of time or person.

We all have the will to dominate. We all crave power.

A lot of people would tell you there does not feel that. They’ll say they’re happy and grateful for what they have. That they don’t need to dominate anybody.

It’s cute. Now, let me ask them a question.

What is your favorite movie?

What novel do you prefer?

Which video game cradled your childhood?

And most importantly, why is this the case?

I cannot predict your response, but I can predict what you will never answer.

“I like this movie because it shows the day-to-day life of a man who works a 9–5 job, returns to his home in the suburbs of a large city, and watches Netflix.”

“I love that simulation video game of student life where you have to sit for 8 hours and listen to lectures all day.”

No one is a fan of the boring life of Argus Rusard in Harry Potter. And when you create a character in Skyrim, you don’t make a copy of yourself.

So the people pretending to not aspire more than what they already have are lying to you, and probably lying to themselves.



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