My Week’s Badass Tip: Build Momentum Is a Highly Handy Art

Mentalcodex | Julfi
2 min readNov 18, 2022
Image By Pauline Bernfeld on Unsplash

How large was the biggest snowball you ever made?

I may have beaten you on that one.

It is rare enough to mention it, but It snowed last year where I live. I remember going to an empty field covered in pristine snow with a friend. We both had the same idea in mind once there;

What if we tried to create a giant snowball?

In the beginning, it’s hard. You barely gather enough snow. But eventually, we’ve been able to reach a somewhat ball we have and then roll on the ground. And by dint of persistence, we came to something modestly large.

It doesn’t stop there…

We were struggling to roll it when suddenly, it became a little easier. And easier. And. Easier. The ball was rolling faster and faster as it became bigger and bigger. The hardest part was finally stopping it.

It’s called inertia. And this principle doesn’t apply only to snowballs.

This week I’ve been trying a new training routine that includes new movements and equipment I had never heard of before.

It’s been 7 months since I’ve had a decent sports routine. But I felt I needed something more challenging. It’s just that everything feels more tedious now. My training sessions’ duration…



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