On Playing the Fool to Navigate Society’s Mediocrity

Why conforming to the average is essential for social acceptance

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Artist: Louis Gauffier

The pursuit of greater heights may tempt you to change your loved ones and flaunt your virtues to the world. You will think you’re setting a good example.

But in reality, it will put you on the path of disdain and rejection.

In society, you have to play the fool.

1. Moving Beyond the Average

I have noticed that a rift is forming and widening month after month. Mediocrity is the enemy to defeat and has been growing fast, dragging down the intellectual average of the masses.

In the middle of that, there is us. We don’t share the average’s interests and most people’s superficiality disappoints us.

Outside of real life, it’s not brighter either. There isn’t a day that goes by without news, tweets, or TikToks that chip away at our faith in humanity.

How can you not be depressed by this?

In fact, many of us are, and resort to coping mechanisms to avoid facing our shortcomings. For the rest. They’ve taken on a mission to understand how life works and are pushing their knowledge into action.

By breaking away from the herd, these individuals realize how much better life can be. Anxiety gives way to an enthusiasm they want to share believing it will bring about change in people.

But it has the opposite effect.

Moving beyond the average is a sign of a superior level of consciousness.

Your ideas… Most people aren’t built to hear them.

In fact, they see your difference as a threat. And your efforts to persuade them only reinforce the power dynamic already in place. They will develop envy more than admiration and will reinforce their insecurities more than they will reduce them.

You wanted to do good but find yourself rejected by people who take refuge in their insecurities even more.

Why? Because you don’t understand the dynamic of groups

“They punish you for all your virtues and forgive you…



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