Podcat notes : Elon Musk — SpaceX, Mars, Tesla Autopilot, Self-Driving, Robotics, and AI

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SpaceX human spaceflight

[00:11:11] Inspiration4 was a very inspiring mission according to Elon Musk. In this regard, he encourages people to watch “Countdown: Inspiration4 Mission to Space” on Netflix.

Thinking process

[00:26:20] Elon advises thinking in first principles to solve hard problems. This method consists of breaking something down to the most fundamental principles, the things that are the truest at a foundational level. For him, you can violate almost all the rules except those of physics.

He also encourages us to think about things in the limit.

“If you take a particular thing and you uh scaled to a very large number or to a very small number, how does how do things change?”

Humans on Mars

[00:37:19] With time, the earth is likely to experience some calamity. Humans could very well end up like the dinosaurs. And if it’s not like that, the sun will eventually expand until it will engulf the earth.‍

Forms of government on Mars


“Regulators and legislators create new rules and regulations every year but they don’t put effort into removing them and I think that’s very important tant we put effort into removing rules and regulations.”

Today, it’s hard to change rules because there are vested interests that make people fight not to have them removed.

The idea expressed in this section is that laws themselves could die after a while if nobody explicitly publicly defends them.

[00:55:09] Elon musk wishes that the people who will settle on Mars would set up an active voting system so that they have the entire control over the decisions there. Also, it would be easier to remove a law than to add one, for him, a ratio like 60%/40% can have a beneficial effect.

Cryptocurrency and Money

[00:59:55] Some banks still use ancient COBOL mainframes. This reflects well the delay that they have on new technologies. It seems problematic, especially when we know that some people have access rights allowing them to create money as they wish.

[01:00:31] Elon musk on how we should see money :

“Money should really be viewed through the lens of information theory.”‍

Satoshi Nakamoto

[01:08:50] Nick Szabo is probably more than anyone else responsible for the evolution of ideas surrounding Bitcoin at the time of its creation.‍

Neural networks

[01:26:35] Telsa systems primarily run C with their own C compiler optimized to get maximum performance.‍


[01:54:08] Governments are slow, and their rate of innovation also, a coalition is not the solution.

“Governments are slow and the only thing slower than one government is a collection of governments.”




Anti-conformism. Come with me on the way of the Übermensch.

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Anti-conformism. Come with me on the way of the Übermensch.

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