Stay Away from Unlucky People

The real reason for their misfortune

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Artist : François-Xavier Fabre

We all know that person who always seems to get into trouble.

Sure, It might seem funny or saddening at first glance, but don’t be fooled. Unlucky people are more toxic than you think.

Here’s the real reason for their misfortune and why you should avoid them.

1- They Are Unreliable

First, let’s get back to basics: bad luck is a myth. 99% of the time, you are responsible for your fate.

As for those who argue that lightning doesn’t warn before striking, they are confusing direct and indirect responsibility.

Let me explain.

If you go to the roof of the tallest building in the area during a storm, you’re liable if you get hit by lightning. This is not bad luck.

Now, isn’t the simple fact of going out during a storm an avoidable risk? Yes.

In this case, you’re not directly responsible, but you still had the means to avoid it.

And you can apply this to everything.

There is always a degree of risk that could lead to misfortune. But, most consider that below a certain level, they couldn’t predict what will happen.

I disagree.

The burden of control is hard and painful, but will always take you further than the comfort of fate.

People who consistently submit to it convey a message of unreliability.

But that’s not the worst part.

2- They Induce Bad Luck

We all blame bad luck for things that happen to us. It just happens. The difference is that we didn’t make it known, while those with such a reputation gladly shared it.

There is always a “why” to what we say.

For the unlucky ones, it’s the craving for compassion, which is another way to increase their importance and exert influence over the group.

But what kind of influence?

You’ll find yourself obligated to offer words of comfort, feeding their dependence on attention. A toxic turn will take part in the…



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