The 8 Psychological Torture Methods

Revealing the dark tactics used in wars and times of peace

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Artist: Jean-Honoré Fragonard


I am not advocating the use of these methods here.

My aim is to reveal the dark tactics used in their most hardcore forms during wars, as well as milder ones in times of peace.

Any similarity with recent events would ONLY be coincidental… of course.

Let’s begin.

1. Threats

Cultivate anxiety and despair.

Create a sense of urgency and a necessity for the victim to subject himself to negative thoughts and emotions.

Never give him a break, multiply the stress factors.

2. Isolation

Remove all social links that could give the victim a different opinion than the one you’re conveying.

Create a feeling of inadequacy by emphasizing your victim’s difference and inability to fit in.

Make him dependent on you.

3. Omnipotence of power

Render any attempt at resistance utterly futile and meaningless.

Be ruthless, and punish even the smallest mistake.

Say that it’s not personal, but the rules cannot be discussed.

4. Channel attention

Force them to introspection.

Limit their access to information.

Everything they see, read and listen to must be filtered.

Only the material you’ve controlled should be provided.

And any form of emancipation should be punished.

5. Exhaustion

Physically weaken the victim.

End any hope of physical resistance by making your victim do useless activities to exhaust him.

As the saying goes: “A healthy mind in a healthy body”, the reverse is also true.

Soften their mind by impairing their body.

6. Stupid orders



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